Vessel Traffic Management and Information System

The Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS) 5060 offered by Group Canada Consulting (GCC) is an expansive architecture system that meets the requirements of an extensive array of users. The design utilizes a mixture of software and hardware modules that gather, combine, evaluate and display sensory data to provide a thorough depiction of the vessel traffic situation to VTS Operators. Each VTMIS 5060 device is configured to accommodate your particular needs, regardless of whether the demand is for monitoring large or small ports, coastal areas, offshore installations or rivers.

Real-time Fleet Control

The goal of the VTMIS 5060 is to provide a distinct and compact real-time depiction of vessel interactions and movements in the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) area. The data produced by the VTMIS enables the operator to:

  • Enhance the safety of property, life and environment
  • Improve the efficiency of vessel movement and port marine resources
  • Record VTS data for administrative, analysis and planning purposes
  • Provide search and rescue assistance
  • Reduce the risks associated with marine operations
  • Provide the required level of VTS for information, organization or assistance

At Group Canada Consulting, our VTMIS 5060 device achieves these objectives by processing and displaying data to facilitate a clear and accurate portrayal of the vessel traffic situation. In that way, the operators can quickly understand and assess circumstances, make appropriate judgments and take action if and when required.

Port Management Information System

The Port Management Information System (PMIS) enhances the data handling potential of any VTS system by converting it into a reliable VTMIS module. The PMIS is an SQL database system that employs advanced Web-based application technology to produce a manageable and instinctive user interface. In fact, Port Managers utilize the PMIS to manage all phases of a vessel’s visit.

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