The official distributor for Ranbaxy & Okasa laboratories for Africa

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Radio Communications

Provides a complete solution for the police, public security.

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Video Monitoring

A complete solution with diversified technologies, infrared,

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Automatic Transfer Switch & Automated .Module fabrication

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  • AIS Network

    The NCIT AIS Network is comprised of one or more Physical Shore Stations (PSS) and Logical Shore Stations (LSS)...

  • Applications development

    If you are running a project in the Congo, we are here to meet your application development needs

  • Network Integration

    Building a storage network that meets today's business challenges requires sound planning, knowledgeable implementation,

  • IT Solutions

    Utilizing high quality products we canalize and improve virtually any network environment, our consultative analysis approach

About US

Group Canada Consulting is an Incorporated Company which has an expertise in the management of overseas projects as an integrator of technology with its specialized partners.

Its experience in countries of the South has accredited several successes. These successes are based on the insightful knowledge and experience of the complex financial and socio-administrative of these emergent economy countries, as well as the expertise of its partners.

Our greatest strength is our commitment to professional engineering and superior

  • Let Us Manage Your Overseas Projects

    At Group Canada Consulting AITS Inc., our organization has extensive experience managing projects overseas and integrating technologies that are primarily used in the country of Congo, a unique and diverse area on the African continent. Our technology services are highly varied and include integration, software development, and many others.

  • Solutions We Offer

    From optical fiber and vessel traffic management to application development and digital archiving documentation, our solutions are anything but limited. Each is designed to be user-friendly and to also provide you with the ability to easily monitor which bugs and errors are present within your system. This way, you can get them fixed quickly with minimal downtime.

  • Products We Provide

    Our wide range of products include generators, access control systems, video monitoring devices, medicines, radio communication systems, and more. If you would like to know more about the products we offer, or our solutions, please reach out to us today.