Radio Communications

Improve Your Organization’s Safety, Reliability and Productivity With Radio Communications

In today’s world, communication is key to performing a wide variety of functions that impact every aspect of life. Public safety and emergency service organizations rely on communication systems to transmit and manage information to serve and protect the public and their property from dangers and hazards.

Group Canada Consulting offers a wide variety of radio communication systems and services to organizations worldwide to improve their communications and operations. Law enforcement, fire departments, EMS and other public safety and rescue organizations can improve their operations, functionality, reliability and response time to better serve their clients with the use of our radio communication products. Our radio communication systems perform a variety of functions, such as trunking, digital and data management.

Other supported specialized systems include:

  • Terrestrial and Maritime
  • HF, VHF, and UHF Bands
  • Encryption
  • Radio communications

Our radio communication systems also help to increase safety in unpredictable work environments to aid in the development of safety and intervention programs.

Forestry and Wildlife

Forest rangers are responsible for protecting and overseeing land, forest and wildlife preserves. Periodically a forest ranger is called to assist firefighters and other safety personnel in battling hazards and dangers that threaten the lives and safety of the animals and forestry they protect. Since communication is a vital component of any protection and preservation unit, it is crucial for these professionals to have radio communication systems in place that allow them to act and respond with efficiency and flexibility. Forest rangers can benefit greatly from having state of the art GPS-enabled radio communication equipment.

Repair and Maintenance

No organization can operate without having the right personnel in place to oversee repairs and maintenance. Regardless of the industry, the use of reliable radio communication equipment is required to enable all repair personnel and facilities to work together as one. Our radio communication systems provide real-time communication capabilities to increase effectiveness and response times. The Mendax solution is designed for utility and repair applications and to provide better flexibility so that organizations can scale their needs to meet any size demand. The Mendax radio communications system is a cost-efficient and reliable solution that offers voice network, data, GPS and automatic vehicle location services.

Entertainment and Tourism

The entertainment and tourism industry is alive and booming. And the need to protect and serve the public is increasing at a rapid pace. Tourist and entertainment companies all over the world need to enhance their communication systems so that all security functions operate on a real-time basis. Our radio communication equipment and services enable tourist companies to improve their communications and security with ease.

Industrial and Construction

Industrial and construction companies require the use of reliable radio communication systems that will increase their safety and responsiveness. Mendax radio communication systems are the perfect solution for industrial and construction companies to use above ground or underground to achieve a high level of security and flexibility in their operations. Safety, security, and efficiency are greatly improved to sustain the reliability and operations of all facilities and personnel.

Radio Communication Products

Group Canada Consulting offers a wide variety of two-way mobile radios to increase your organization’s efficiency, security and productivity.

Our communication products include:

  • Motorola two-way mobile radios provide enhanced functionality and communications to manage and oversee the safety and productivity of personnel.
  • Consoles are a cost-effective dispatch solution for small organizations that transmit voice services over an Ethernet network.
  • CommandSTAR Lite console offers mobile radio and dispatch communication functionality for mid-sized to large organizations.
  • Controllers provide easy remote access to a single base, radio or repeater for organizations that want to improve their communications in a cost-effective manner.
  • Repeaters are components of the Motorola MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio communication system.
  • PassPorts offers analog trunking capabilities to increase the security, efficiency and reliability of multiple group/user radio communications.
  • Pagers are a cost-effective solution that uses a one-way numeric pager system that includes gain control to increase reliability and reduce lost pages.