Very Small Aperture Terminal

Improving Global Communications With VSAT Solutions

Businesses are faced with a rapidly growing challenge to expand their communications so that they can meet the needs and demands of their clients. Our Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) communication systems allow your organization to enhance its communication capabilities in a scalable and cost effective way.

Group Canada Consulting provides organizations all over the world with many different Connectivity Solutions to help them connect and communicate with their clients from many different locations. Our VSAT products can be used to link different computer stations and systems to help facilitate the exchange of data in a completely efficient and secure way between offices and personnel all over the globe. Many of our Connectivity Solutions are used in government organizations to link various departments through their web, VOIP, and messaging systems.

Disaster Recovery

When it comes to overseeing the disaster recovery processes, organizations need to be able to communicate and coordinate their personnel in a short amount of time. Disaster recovery is often needed when there is no access to electricity, communication or the internet. With our VSAT systems in place, organizations can reconnect to their respective networks via phone, fax and internet in less time, thus minimizing the amount of downtime and consequences that are incurred.

Distance Barriers and Uncharted Territory

VSAT systems allow organizations to connect to regions all over the world without having to travel. This makes it easier for information to be transmitted back and forth, and for personnel to collaborate with other employees from different remote locations. Our VSAT solutions allow businesses to overcome distance-related barriers to improve their operations.

Organizations are sending expeditions into cold, distant and uncharted regions of the world where transportation, network connectivity, and mobility are limited. The lack of space and transportation on these expeditions make it very challenging to transport all of the necessary equipment, thus hampering progress. VSAT technology makes it easier and more convenient for staff to travel, communicate and remain connected with their network by telephone, fax and internet to communicate their needs in a timely fashion.

Air Networks

In areas of the world where there is little to no access to land networks, VSAT technology enables communication by air. Regardless of where your team is located, VSAT solutions keeps them connected to their base by phone, internet, and fax.

Mobile Communications

VSAT communication equipment provides fast, efficient, secure and reliable communication and network services for a variety of applications, such as disaster recovery, business to business, electronic health management and more.


In the shipping industry, ships and ports of all sizes need to be able to communicate with different shipping and port related entities. They need to maintain a constant connection to the land while they are at sea. The VSAT antenna system provides shipping organizations with the connection they need to manage every aspect of their operations and technology.