Video Monitoring Systems

The Different Uses for Video Monitoring Systems

Just as there are several different types of video monitoring technology, there are also several different environments where video monitoring can be used. Bulletproof, infrared, night vision, movement detection and thermal cameras can be used in schools, retail locations, for law enforcement purposes, in parking garages, within transportation industry and much more. No matter if you’re a business owner or a homeowner, there’s a video monitoring system you can use that perfectly suits your specific needs and budget.

Retail Stores

Entrances, exits, registers, walkthroughs and storage areas are just some of the areas that need to be closely monitored in retail stores. In this situation, you need video monitoring technology that can easily keep you informed of what’s going on in the most vulnerable areas of your store. Retail store owners have various reasons for installing video cameras around their property, including merchandise control, preventing organized retail theft and safeguarding against false liability claims. Any video monitoring solution you select should be advanced enough to continue to adequately meet your needs whenever they change.

Universities and School Districts

School districts and universities need solid security more than ever. Cameras are effective deterrents against theft and vandalism and go a long way in helping students, parents and teachers feel safe and secure while on the premises. A well-organized system of video cameras can help protect finances as well.

Law Enforcement

Video technology has advanced to a degree where cameras can allow law enforcement officers to read the license plate of a car in motion or one that’s stationary. Not only that, but the camera’s technology can also be used to match the numbers on the license plate to a database composed of wanted automobiles. The advantage is that law enforcement officers are able to perform their jobs more efficiently by not being slowed down when they have to manually run the license plate number through the database.

Parking Enforcement

Video monitoring systems used in parking garages, decks and other areas can be implemented with special positioning technology. Such systems can also be integrated with an LPR device that can be mounted on a vehicle and linked to office reporting and local management systems as well. Parking enforcement video technology is most often used at universities, municipalities, office buildings and private commercial locations.

Casino and Gaming

Effective and technologically advanced video monitoring capabilities are essential in the gaming and casino industry. From cash exchanges, cheating, orchestrated schemes, thefts at cashiers’ posts and more, there are several threats for security directors to be on the lookout for. Another reason a good system of video cameras is needed in this particular industry is that security directors have to do much more than oversee the protection of employees and customers. Any video monitoring system implemented at a casino or gaming area should properly improve access support and provide crisp video quality.


There are several unique challenges found in transportation hubs. A single security issue that transpires in a seaport, mass transit organization, airport or train station has the potential to cost millions. There’s also the fact that security-related decisions have to be made quickly in order to protect the lives and safety of passengers and employees. This is just one reason it’s so important for there to be a professional and advanced camera system in place and operating at constant 100 percent capacity.

Different Types of Video Cameras

Now that you have a better idea of the industries where monitoring systems can be used and why, learn more about the different types of cameras available to you. Dome cameras are more aesthetically pleasing and easy to move, but one of the downsides of this type of camera is they aren’t very effective in areas that don’t receive very much light.

Bullet cameras have a fixed focal lens instead of a zoom lens, but they are great for those cramped and small areas where other cameras might not be installed so easily. Pan/tilt/zoom cameras are an affordable option that can be used inside. The model offers high quality color images and can be operated with a radio frequency remote control. If you’re in need of a less obtrusive or a stealthy camera option, consider a hidden or spy camera. These cameras can be hidden inside of an innocuous object, allowing you to film subjects without their knowledge.

Video monitoring devices are a great way to save time, money and resources no matter if you need them for business or personal use. Consider adding a few cameras around your premises for safety, security and peace of mind.

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