Digital Archiving Documentation

Digital Archiving Documentation Solutions

By utilizing state-of-the-art document imaging solutions, scanning and indexing essential records into a document management system is now a simplified task. Powerful image cleanup tools make each record as sharp and clear as the original. The information then becomes easily retrievable with a username and password from any computer anywhere in the world with a secure Internet connection.

Group Canada Consulting (GCC) provides a comprehensive and centralized solution that includes document management software with high-end reliable servers, offering functionality, performance and security. Our team of experts provides integration capabilities and the ability to analyze and configure multiple platform systems for successful implementation of future technology installations.

The high-performance software and powerful full-text search tools enable users to access effortlessly precise keywords within a document or email attachment. Particular highlights and features of our digital archiving documentation system include:

  • Centrally control document storage, protection and user permissions
  • Capture, maintain and locate any information or document
  • Enable secure access to data from existing systems
  • Link folders and documents with current platforms and data

Documents can be imported using any scanner from any global location by automatically structuring data in a simple database. The result is improved workplace efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

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