VOIP Solutions for Enterprises

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions provide exceptional user experiences that exceed traditional phone service standards by expanding on features with unique innovations that only an IP network can deliver. VoIP technology facilitates interactions across the Internet by compressing speech into data packets and efficiently transmitting them over information networks. They are then converted back into speech on the receiving end.

The Internet and Local Area Networks (LANs) have always used packet-switched technology to transfer information between two communicating terminals, such as downloading a Web page from a server or sending emails back and forth. Internet Protocol (IP) is the standard for communicating over packet-switched networks. Group Canada Consulting (GCC) produces the industry's most comprehensive set of VoIP solutions, built around high-quality products and field-proven VoIP software, such as:

  • IP phones
  • VOIP terminal adaptors
  • Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) gateways
  • Complete PBX systems
  • High-density gateways

VoIP facilitates the conduction of voice and other data across the corresponding packet-switched networks. In addition, it provides an option for conventional, static telephone interfaces, which utilize an electronic map to send voice signals from a series of switches to a target.

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