Applications Development

We Simplify the Application Development Process for Your Benefit

If you are running a project in the Congo, we are here to meet your application development needs. We provide custom and Microsoft Office development services and can also give you the tools you need to successfully complete your project with our other application skills.

Custom and Microsoft Office Development

Our application development services for Microsoft Office encompass all of its programs, which include Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath. In terms of custom development, we can provide you with solutions for digital document archiving, application document archiving, and project management software.

Our Capabilities are Extensive

The custom and Microsoft Office development services we provide are complemented by our other application services. Our solutions allow you to work in groups and share your documents using smaller websites, warn others when one of your documents is changed, and integrate all of your documents and emails, and more. Contact us today at Group Canada Consulting AITS Inc. for more information.